While building your dream home, you must give enough attention to selecting the installations. It is an important feature of the property that enables proper ventilation. You can customise the windows according to your choice with the help of bespoke joinery.

Why Contact a Well-Known Joinery?

A reputable joinery can understand all your requirements and make the window according to your instructions. From single-hung to double-hung windows, they can create it all with artistic precision. An expert offers a smooth service in getting the perfect windows on the Isle of Wight.

Common Types of Bespoke Window Designs:

While collaborating with an expert joinery, it is important to choose the right kind of windows. Here are some examples of bespoke windows that you can install on your property.

  • Casement Windows: This is one of the popular choices of windows in most residential properties. These have a practical design with a frame that opens like a door. It is a good choice for those wanting to incorporate a touch of traditional design in modern architecture. These are completely designed and crafted by hand, making them a window with a lot of character and functionality.
  • Tilt and Turn Windows: These windows are much similar to the casement windows; the only difference is that they open on both sides. You can consider the window as a modern, upgraded version of casement windows. The side hinges allow full opening inwards, which enables proper ventilation. You can design the window for 90-degree or 180-degree inward openings.
  • Sliding Sash Windows: It is another traditional design window you can incorporate into any property. The window gives a classic finish to your property and makes it more functional. These windows can be a perfect match to a house with Victorian architecture. However, the windows are still much popular in properties with contemporary designs also.
  • Lift-and-Slide Windows: This is another popular option for windows with wooden frames. It has to be opened by tilting the window handle by 180 degrees. The window has a roller system, which allows the frame to go up effortlessly. These windows are also known for thermal efficiency.

These are some bespoke window designs you can try in your home. To collaborate with an expert, you can get in touch with Parkway Joinery Ltd. We are a leading source for designing bespoke windows in the Isle of Wight. Our precision and creativity in window design will surely impress you. For more information, you can contact us or visit our website.