Are you investing a lot in renovating your home? You should also put some additional care and effort into bespoke staircases. Custom-made or bespoke staircases in the Isle of Wight are full of myriad benefits. They not only let you add your own personal touch and let you create your dream staircases from scratch, but they also let you choose a wide deal of design elements to suit your interior design. Here, we have highlighted the immense advantages of choosing bespoke staircases. Let’s delve right into them.

The most important benefits associated with bespoke staircases

So, why should you choose bespoke design over everything else? Here, we have highlighted some of the most important benefits of bespoke staircases.

Greater freedom at personalisation

One of the greatest perk of a custom-made staircase is the design freedom you will get to enjoy. A bespoke staircase could be tailored to your home style and the aesthetics perfectly. The custom made staircase can make your interior decoration dream come true. Depending on the style or personalisation of your interior, you can have a classic traditional oak staircase, an open tread staircase or even a cut string staircase.

Perfect measurements

Custom made staircases offer the flexibility to create a perfect staircase that fits into the measurement properly. So, whether you have a small tricky area to work with or a large entrance hall, the custom-made staircases could be tailored to fit your space seamlessly.

Additional features

Staircases are usually the first impression of a home. This is the case especially if they are located in the entrance hallway. A bespoke can create great first impression. A stunning feature staircase can also significantly enhance the property value and curb appeal of your home.


When you are choosing a custom-made staircase, you have greater control over the kinds of materials you can use for your staircase. Therefore, you can deliberately choose the right material that is most suitable for you or your home. The choice of the material can depend on many factors, such as longevity, the safety of use and the price point. A bespoke staircase is usually made sturdy and durable. For instance, a glass balustrade staircase is 10 mm thick, and it uses toughened glass as standard. At Park Way Joinery, we craft bespoke staircases with durability, quality, and longevity in mind. If you are looking for bespoke staircases in the Isle of Wight, contact us today. We will craft the stairs, keeping all your specifications and requirements in mind.